Reiki 1st Degree Distance Course

This course is suitable for those people who wish to begin to develop their spirituality OR who are interested in developing their existing healing skills OR who wish to work towards a formal qualification OR who wish to make some changes in their lives and are curious about what Reiki is OR Some other reason that has drawn them to the art of healing.

The Reiki First Degree Distant Course will allow you to work towards developing a deeper connection to other people, nature and humanity.

You will begin to feel the power of the energy all around you and you will discover how to use that energy to help to heal yourself and others for the highest good.

Course Content:

  • The history of Reiki
  • The Reiki precepts: What they are and how they are important
  • Learn what energy is and how to work with it
  • Mindfulness and how it is used in Reiki
  • Specific energy clearing and healing meditations
  • How to carry out a self- healing treatment
  • How to carry out a professional Reiki healing treatment

Course Materials

Shoden by Marion McGeough (a book)

A Beginners Guide to Mindfulness by Marion McGeough (a book)

Talking you through a Reiki treatment (an audio CD)

Reiki Meditations (an audio CD)

Your course certificate,issued by post on successful completion of your course.

Ongoing help and support both during and after your course as and when necessary.

Financial Investment

All of your course material is included in the price. There are no extra items that you will be required to buy.

All course material is sent to you by post, no matter where in the world you live. Please use the button below.


Instalment plans are available:

Option 1 – two payments of £40.00 each followed by a third payment of £30


Option 2 – four payments of £27.50

Please contact me letting me know which option you would like. I will send you a link so that you can make your first payment. Once the payment has been received I will issue your course work to you. All course payments are due on a monthly basis until full payment has been made. The payments are due on the same day of the month starting one month following the initial payment. I will issue a reminder 1 week prior to the payment being due along with a link for you to make your payment. If you fail to make a course payment you will be required to pay the full course balance within one month or your course will be discontinued.


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“I am an accountant by profession and wanted to try something a bit different. I was not sure if I could carry out the practical work at first but once I followed the instructions I soon found how easy it was and I am looking forward to learning more by doing the second degree”

Angela, Spain, Satisfied Customer

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