Crystal of the Month: Peridot

Peridot is actually the birthstone for the month of August, but I always tend to think of it as a September crystal because its colours range from the lush green of summer to the bright yellowish green foretelling the approach of autumn. It is not as popular as most other gemstones which is a shame because it is very beautiful. … Read More

Some Common Myths About Reiki

When you first become interested in working with reiki you may decide to read all that you can on the internet. Unfortunately, there are some strange ideas and concepts floating about! So below I have listed 10 of the most common misconceptions or misunderstandings that are associated with reiki. If you are one of my students who attended a live … Read More

New Instalment Plans Available For All Courses

I have made easy payment instalment options available on all of my distant learning courses. For the First Degree Reiki distant learning course, instead of paying the £110 all in one go you can choose between two options: Option 1 = two payments of £40.00 each followed by a third payment of £30 or Option 2 = four payments of … Read More

Does Crystal Healing Work?

This is a common question that I am asked along with another common question: “how does crystal healing work?” For thousands of years the vibrational qualities of crystals have been known to our ancestors and from knowledge passed down through the ages we are aware that each crystal vibrates at its own frequency. When placed on the body crystals support … Read More

Distant Healing

Each of us is made up of energy molecules, all singing along to their own merry little tune. It is because of this, and the fact that the Universe is also made up of energy, that it is possible for us to send healing to anyone anywhere in the world. I remember the first time that I tried this. I … Read More

Energy Healing Workshop

The Energy Healing Workshop By Marion McGeough An Amazon International bestselling author Saturday 23rd June 2018 12 – 1 pm Discover: How energy healing works The role of the healer The Chakras The Healer’s Toolkit: Crystals, Crystal Wands, Pendulums Only £10.00 BOOK NOW! Call the Health Workshop to book your place: 01530 587440 When you attend your name will be … Read More

Distant Learning Aura & Chakra Clearing Course

I am very proud and excited to announce the availability of this new course which is the result of many years of successfully working with clients from all backgrounds throughout the world. This course will allow students who already work in the healing arts to finally have some additional tools that they can use to heal the client. For those … Read More


Welcome to the British Academy of Reiki distant learning site. I am very proud of this beautiful new site and I am very excited about the future. Throughout 2018 I will be adding further distant learning courses but, hold on a minute, I am getting ahead of myself as I must focus on my introduction! Many years ago, when I … Read More

Crystal of the Month: Amethyst for February

February is the month that we celebrate amethyst, a beautiful crystal in shades of pinkish purple right through to violet. There is an interesting myth that has evolved around amethyst: Bacchus, a Greek God, is said to have had desires upon a female mortal named Amethyst. This young woman did her best to keep away from Bacchus as he was … Read More