The Crystal of the Month for April is Diamond

Diamonds represent wealth, prosperity and good fortune. The beauty of a diamond, combined with a physical structure that ensures that the diamond is hardwearing, continues to make it a firm favourite not only as an item of jewellery, but as a strong and powerful crystal to facilitate the healing process. Diamonds work well with other crystals during healing. It is … Read More

When the Universe Brings It All Together…

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about how I could educate and help even more people learn about crystal healing when I was contacted by Nathan Chang. Nathan is an author who asked if I would take part in an interview for his new book which will detail 7 interviews which have been carried out by acclaimed crystal … Read More


Welcome to the British Academy of Reiki distant learning site. I am very proud of this beautiful new site and I am very excited about the future. Throughout 2018 I will be adding further distant learning courses but, hold on a minute, I am getting ahead of myself as I must focus on my introduction! Many years ago, when I … Read More

Crystal of the Month: Amethyst for February

February is the month that we celebrate amethyst, a beautiful crystal in shades of pinkish purple right through to violet. There is an interesting myth that has evolved around amethyst: Bacchus, a Greek God, is said to have had desires upon a female mortal named Amethyst. This young woman did her best to keep away from Bacchus as he was … Read More

What Is In Your Heart?

Often, when I have a chance to really connect with people through teaching or when carrying out a treatment, I discover that the heart is the most common chakra that is out of balance. This is hardly surprising really. The heart is at the centre of all that we do and all that we feel. Most of the time in … Read More