Crystal of the Month: Peridot

Peridot is actually the birthstone for the month of August, but I always tend to think of it as a September crystal because its colours range from the lush green of summer to the bright yellowish green foretelling the approach of autumn. It is not as popular as most other gemstones which is a shame because it is very beautiful.

Peridot has been used through the ages from the time of the ancient Egyptians to protect the wearer from evil and fend off the darkest of magic. It can still be used as a protection stone that can help with overcoming fear, depression and other psychological problems and is especially useful for releasing and guarding against negativity.

As it’s a green coloured crystal it is associated with the Heart Chakra. This gives the crystal an influence in repairing a broken heart, allowing forgiveness and as such lifting emotional burden. it also invites abundance into every aspect of the wearer’s life.

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