Using Crystals in Everyday Life

As a New Year approaches many of us will begin to think about how we can make some changes in our lives. Crystals are ideal for helping change your mood and once you have changed how you feel you begin to change how you think. Crystals emit positive vibrations which will make you feel better.
Below are some suggestions for using crystals. I am sure that you will have some additional ideas. The suggestions below are intended to inspire you and to get you to think of ways in which you can incorporate some crystal power into your everyday life.

Crystals in the home
Crystals can be used as decorations anywhere in the home. Crystal balls, wands and tumble stones can add the finishing touches and energies to any home.
Tip: The corners in any room tend to accumulate negative energy so, if possible, place a few crystals in these areas.

Crystal jewellery
Necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewellery containing crystals or gemstones not only look attractive, they also help to balance the energy and heal the body and the mind.
Crystals can also be carried around in pouches, in your pocket and even in your purse or wallet.
A velvet pouch is an ideal way to carry a few crystals together. These will help to support your energy field and to protect you from negative influences throughout the day.

Crystals in your car
Crystals can be placed in your car to protect you from the risk of accidents, car theft and to help to create a smooth and trouble free journey.

Crystals in your workplace
No matter where you work you can use crystals to help to create a positive and stress free environment.
If you work in an office you can place crystals on your desk. A crystal can help to absorb negative energy from your computer.
If you wear a uniform, then a few crystals can be placed in a pocket.
You may want to add crystals to your locker so that at the start and end of the day you feel energised as you open the door.

Bring a little crystal power into 2019 and see what happens, remember the future is in your hands.
I wish you all the best

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