Distant Healing

Each of us is made up of energy molecules, all singing along to their own merry little tune. It is because of this, and the fact that the Universe is also made up of energy, that it is possible for us to send healing to anyone anywhere in the world.
I remember the first time that I tried this. I had attended my second degree course and I wanted to get some practice with distant healing so I decided to go BIG and send distant healing to a friend in Australia. I thought that this really would not work. How could it? Despite my scepticism I decided I would give it a go; what was there to lose?
As I sat there in my therapy room and focused on sending healing to my friend, I felt connected to a tunnel of white light and I found that there was also light and energy all around me. I focused on my friend for around 30 minutes, although this was hard to do as my concentration ebbed and flowed throughout this process.
At the end of the session, as planned between us, I waited patiently for an email from my friend to arrive. When it did, my mind was blown away!
Sue had not only felt the energy flowing to her but she had also seen the tunnel of white light. This was amazing, but then I worried that this may be a one off so I began to practice my distant healing on friends closer to home. I had great results with all of them.
To me, this was proof that distant healing does work and that we are all connected to each other.
Reiki is amazing, if you have not already done so, why not try a treatment or book a course today?

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